Maximizing your concert experience

Sidney Gonzalez

Chronicle Reporter

With music being accessible in just the press of a button, we tend to want more of it. If you have a favorite artist or band, you usually want to experience their music live. But you might not be too familiar with the concert experience, so here are a few quick tips so you can enjoy your time.

  • Getting your tickets

Most tickets are purchased online and if this is your case, make sure you know when they go on sale. Sometimes there are pre-sale tickets, so sign up for them if you can. When they go on sale make sure you have your method of payment and information on hand, and  refresh the page during this time to see if you’ve been let into the queue. Sometimes you are unable to get tickets and they sell out, but there are other places where you can get tickets. Websites such as TickPick offer resales.

  • Make sure you have your tickets at the gate

If you have a physical copy, make sure the ticket is secure and with you. For digital tickets, make sure you either have good Wifi to access the ticket or screenshot it and prepare to demonstrate it at the gate.

  • Plan for the weather

Make sure to check the news or your weather app for the day of and dress appropriately. If it’s going to rain, bring a poncho, raincoat, or umbrella. If it’s at night, it’s likely to be cold, so bring a sweater just in case.

  • Plan to get there early

Typically the area around the location will be very busy if a crowd is to be expected. Plan to leave early enough to give you time to get caught up in traffic or find another route and still get there in time

  • Don’t stress over getting there a slightly late

Most bands and artists do not arrive and start performing at the exact time treated on the ticket. Also, there is usually other artists opening for them, so unless you also want to watch them, don’t worry too much.

  • Buy merchandise before the show

A lot of people are very interested in buying merchandise as a memento, if that’s you, consider going before the show during the opening acts as the line is least likely to be as long compared to later on at the end of the show.

  •  Plan your ride back

Not everyone has a car, so make sure to plan how you’re going to get back. No matter the time of day, traffic and crowds get in the way of a commute. For public transportation, make sure you know the location of stops and stations and around how often they pass as well as the route. For those taking Uber or Lyft, it’s a good idea to find a distinguishable place to put as your location, that way there is no confusion to where you are.

  • Be aware of the type of concert it is

Not every concert is a sit down and in your own seat type of event. While there, look around you to check the area. Rock concerts in particular are known for their mosh pits, so know what you’re getting into and remove yourself from that area if you are uncomfortable.

  • Don’t look at your phone the whole time

People tend to get caught up on the taking photographs and recording videos when they go to a concert. Put down your phone even if it’s only for a few songs so that you are able to enjoy the experience and the music.

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