Celebrating Women’s Day

Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

International Women’s Day is celebrated yearly on March 8. This day is for women everywhere and it is a holiday that women have rightfully earned after fighting for equal rights. This day should be spent celebrating any and all strong and empowered women that are in one’s life.

Hollywood High students are doing their part in celebrating International Women’s Day by wearing shirts to represent unity and empowerment. T-shirts are being passed out to all students to show the outstanding support we have for women. And in case you do not get the opportunity to receive a shirt, there are still things that can be done to show your support.

One example is going out to watch the new and anticipated marvel movie, “Captain Marvel”. This movie showcases a strong and empowered woman as the leading role, Brie Larson. It proves just how far not only women have come, but also how far respect towards women have come.

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