An update to Women’s Day

Chronicle Reporter

Salma Rodriguez

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day and to follow up on a previous story here’s an update. Hollywood High showed their support for women by handing out T-shirts at the Parent Center. In total there were 700 shirts passed out, donated by the Hollywood Neighborhood Council.

What are students doing to celebrate Women’s Day? Daphne Gonzalez, SAS, 10th grader said, “I will be donating to a charity that helps and supports women in any type of way, shape or form.”

Alessandra Mendez, PAM, 9th grader said, “I will be going to a parade for women’s day.”

Juan Gaytan, SAS, 9th grader said, “I’m going to be telling women how grateful I am to have them in my life and how they have such a huge impact on society.”

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