How to prepare for SAT day

Frida Larios

Chronicle reporter

As most Hollywood High juniors know, we are getting the chance to take the SAT with essay for free next Wednesday.

The thought of the SAT scares many people because they do not know how to prepare themselves so here’s a few tips to help prepare yourself.

1) Practice on Khan Academy every night.
Khan Academy offers a free SAT prep program which can help you track what you need to improve on, and will give you questions similar to the actual SAT.

2) Read the SAT prep book
SAT and ACT prep books are available in front of the college center for free. They have questions from years before so you can see what types of questions and problems you will see on the test.

3) Get tutoring for subjects you know you struggle with
If your teachers offer after school tutoring, go and ask for help. If they don’t, LACER offers after school tutoring every day in the library.

4) Brush up on your grammar and vocabulary
This will be very important since we are being offered the essay section as well and will help you in the long run. Along with Khan Academy, another academic website that can help you with this is Shmoop.

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