Boys Soccer Walk out Champions at Heart

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

After having one of the best seasons yet, unfortunately, the boys soccer period has come to a close. With a outstanding overall record of 11-5, the sheiks soccer team made it all the way to the semi finals game where they would match up against the Chavez Eagles.

The boys soccer team first began their winning streak against the Belmont Sentinels till finally they ran into a stop against the Eagles. With every player working at their highest potential, the sheiks were able to get very far in the game. Coming close to a championship game resembles the team’s dedication to be on top. Their hard work throughout the entire duration of the season, never went unnoticed. Hugo Garcia, varsity soccer captain said, “It was a great season, we did well and we trained hard”. Hugo expressed his gratitude and appreciation for his team and all their hard work. His senior year of high school he was able to “take league” once again.

Despite not receiving the title they expected,the boys soccer team take home a memorable experience. The sheiks had a great season, ending with a loss does not define their ability to play the game. With the support of their coach, who stood by their side at every game and their peers, the boys soccer team leave a lasting impact. The sheiks walk out champions at heart.

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