Teacher strike affects extracurricular activities

Elvira Roman, Kahliyah Williams, and Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporters

As many know, teachers will be going on strike on Monday and it is unknown for how long. Many teachers will be striking, substitutes will be limited, and student’s education will most likely be delayed. But what happens to students who have tutoring after school, or are in certain clubs and/or sports?

Here is an update for people who have questions regarding what will occur to anyone in after school sports and clubs. Basketball and soccer are the current sports that will be affected due to the strike.

SAS Counselor and Athletic Director Raul Grijalva said, “Basketball and soccer games are cancelled and there’s a possibility of rescheduling… L.A.C.E.R. will be cancelled, [but tutoring] is still happening.”

“Nobody wants a strike [to happen] but we’re standing up for students and teachers rights,” he said.

The teacher strike is really going to throw things off for a lot of sport programs at LAUSD schools. For anyone in sports, it has been said that teams are not allowed to play any games or even go to practice.  It is going to be different for players not being able to play and practice with each other any time soon since it is usually a part of their daily routine. During the meantime, many students who do any extracurricular activities will have more time to do homework.

Jacqueline Ramirez, a senior at Hollywood High School who plays basketball, gave us her opinion on how she feels about the strike. “I’m mad that basketball is being cancelled; it’s my senior year and I want to play as many games as possible. We are doing good as a team so it sucks not being able to finish what we started. I guess we aren’t allowed to practice but our coach wants us to run two miles each day… we are trying to get far in playoffs so we can’t be missing days of practice.”

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