Strike FAQs

Novalee Lopez and Yadira Romero

Chronicle Reporters

Lately, the halls of Hollywood High have been filled with questions and anticipation for this teacher strike. For many students, they have not witnessed something as drastic and intense as this back and forth negotiation with UTLA and the school district in hopes to come to an agreement.  UTLA has decided to postpone the strike to Monday, Jan.14 in order “for clarity and to allow members, parents, our communities to plan.”  Being newly exposed to a possible teacher strike has stirred up plenty of questions such as:

What are the teachers striking for?

Since the board has agreed to meet the demand for a 6% raise the teachers wanted, teachers are now demanding smaller class sizes, less standardized testing, and increased staffing at schools such as more qualified librarians, more nurses, and more counselors.

 How is the strike going to affect us, the students?

Since there will only be about 300 substitute teachers for 30,000 teachers for all of the LAUSD schools, our school is most likely not to receive subtitutes. Therefore each SLC will have an administrator looking after them and will be located in different locations. It would be harder to communicate with teachers since we will not be able to see them as much as needed. Obviously, since the teachers won’t be there, we won’t be learning as much as we have to especially for the AP students. Our learning would be delayed.

How long is the strike going to last?

There is no definite answer as to how long the strike will last. Ultimately it comes down to how fast the school board is willing to meet conditions the teachers have asked for. If the strike does occur on Monday, Jan 14, it can last for days or even weeks.

Are students able to participate in the strike?

Students will have the opportunity to stand with the teachers during the strike, as long as the student’s parent is alongside with them. Due to safety precautions this is the only way that we, the students, can show our support.        




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