Concerns over attendance during strike addressed

Salma Rodriguez and Sidney Gonzalez

Chronicle Reporters

Now that school is back in session, many students are still wondering if their absences will affect them. Seniors are especially worried about the absences being used against them towards their progress to graduation.

Ethan Kong, an SAS senior said, “As a senior, absences matter and we weren’t doing anything so I would be mad if they did count.”

Ms. Hernandez, a staff member in the attendance office helped put an end to all the confusion and one main concern surrounding attendance during the strike,“Students must bring a note to the attendance office to make clear them.”

The note must include the reason for the student not attending school, and be turned in to the attendance office. Absences will still be marked, but turning in a note like this will determine what type of absence it will be. A turned in note will mark the given absences as excused, if no note is turned in, absences will be considered unexcused. The good news for worried seniors is that their absence during this time will not be affecting their graduation at all.

Regarding the period of the strike, the attendance throughout the district fell on average 80%. As a result, many students ended up not attending school at all.

“I came the first day, but I felt that the district was using our attendance to benefit themselves,” an SAS senior Monica Sanchez said.

Students should make sure they keep these absences excused and turn in these excused notes.

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