February 19, 2020

SRLA begins season at Dodgers Stadium

Posted on October 1, 2018 by in News

SRLA begins season at Dodgers Stadium

Karina Olivera

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood’s SRLA runners head down to Dodgers Stadium on Sept.30 , which introduces them to the location the runners will come back to in March 2019 to face the LA Marathon. The 11,000 students loop around Dodgers Stadium backlot for 3.1 miles, which will exponentially increase at the time of the marathon, 26.2 miles. The change in location this year for this event’s location prepares runners for more elevated trails, in comparison to last year’s location at Dockweiler Beach.

“Last year’s race was on a beach, but the whole route went downhill, which explains why I got a faster time last year. This year kinda had more uphills, which reminds me of the marathon trail. Especially the hill on Hill Ave,” said Randy Suarez, a runner on the team. It included Kind and Good Humor, which respectively provided free protein bars and ice cream.

“It was a memorable experience for the first time running it.There were so many amenities, but I had to wait until the end to enjoy them all,” said Jocelyn Mendez refers to the sponsor booths. The veterans of the team enjoyed the change in atmosphere and the effort put into the theme of the event: baseball. “They went all-out this year; it was aesthetically pleasing,” Suarez added. Bibs and medals were baseball themed. Former Dodger players introduced the event, and top 10 American Idol finalist Dennis Lorenzo makes a rendition to the national anthem. An eventful start for the Hollywood SRLA team’s season.

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