Seniors: Wise Words from Disney Movies to Light Your Way

Celine Gimpirea, Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Now that the school year is almost at a close, seniors, you have finished your high school career, experience, pardon period, and so on… It’s time to make your dent in the world. And though it’s scary and unclear and alone at times, it’s time to create the architecture of your own future. It’s all you. So here are some words to guide you in whatever direction you choose, as given to you by your favorite Disney characters. Who’s better to trust, right?

If it’s a tough dilemma, if you’re stuck, if you did something embarrassing or stupid or– you know– sleep on it. You always think more clearly in the morning.

Follow your dreams and all that good stuff, yes, but don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want all the same. Don’t settle for less. Otherwise, it’s not your dream anymore.

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Change is good. For every sad story you’ve heard about– the person lived to tell it. And lived to see the change.

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Here’s one from Big Hero 6. There are always at least two options in any situation. You have full control!

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The classic. Explains itself!

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And here’s one from Dr. Seuss I couldn’t pass up:

Also: here are 100 wise words a teacher left his high school seniors with.

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