School safety crowd goes off

Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High School hosted a school safety meeting on Sunday, April 8 which had many representatives from LAUSD and the City of Los Angeles come together in hopes of finding a possible solution for students when it comes to school safety. Numerous panelists gave their opinion towards recent school shootings. All these panelists had great things to say, but in the whole point was to hear out the crowd which consisted of students, parents and teachers.

For the most part when it was the audience time to speak, they only had one minute which I thought was unfair because it is a meeting for us and we probably deserved more time to voice our opinion towards the school board. Although much of  what the crowd said was a bit harsh,  but at this point everyone’s opinion matters.

In honesty, it was not as successful as I thought it would be, but it was still important to hear how others feel towards this subject. I hope for future meetings they can lead towards the path of having more students and teachers opinions. It is important to have student opinions and it is critical for finding a possible solution for a path to better safety in schools.

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