Preparing for 2020 Election

Milagros Robelo

Chronicle Reporter

The Mayor’s Youth Council invited Hollywood High students who are 16 and up to preregister or register to vote. The Mayor Garcetti assigned each council to set an event to preregister or register students to vote in each of their members’ school. This was the project because now in California 16 year old teens can preregister to vote so when they are 18 they are ready to vote. There are four students who are in the Mayor’s Youth Council from Hollywood; Sydney Ross, Arianna Ortiz, Yulissa Mendez, and Milagros Robelo. The students worked with Ms.Whitham to use the library to hold the event and worked with Mr.Schwich, Mr.Bitran, Dr.Arocha, Dr.Steinberg, Mr.Wood, and Mr.Barishman to bring their students to register.

The event began on April 11 and ended in April 12. California allows you to register online if students have their California ID or their last four digits of their Social Security number if they did not have that information they could fill out a form. There was at least a class for each period for two days. “I was shocked to see teachers engaging and students actually listening,” said Yulissa Mendez. By an estimation, there was at least 500 students who went to the event. “The outcome was great. Many students were listening and cooperating. We are very happy we could do this with the help of Ms.Whitham and the history teachers,” stated Arianna Ortiz.

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