Help clean the L.A. River this weekend

Nick Macadaan

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Saturday, April 14, will mark the beginning of the annual Great L.A. River Cleanup. The event is run by FoLAR and has been taking place each of the past 29 years. The goal is to clean the Los Angeles River to protect the oceans from trash.

In 2017, the event saw 10,000 volunteers attend. They removed 100 tons of trash from the river in a span of three weekends. The FoLAR organization preaches community, restoring habitats, and protecting nature throughout the clean up during Earth month.

The cleanup will begin on April 14 at the Sepulveda Basin and Glendale Narrows Riverwalk. The second weekend, beginning on April 21, will take place at Los Feliz Blvd at Bond Park, Bowtie Parcel, Marsh Park, and the Frog Spot. The final weekend, beginning on April 28, will take place at Compton Creek at Del Amo Metro Station, Willow Street Estuary, and Golden Shore Marine Reserve. Registration for the second and third weekends online are still available. Participants of the first weekend must fill out a waiver form.

Complete information for the events can be found on the FoLAR website.

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