Train based on your body type

Many people build their workouts (and their meals) around the what is popular, what has been believed to work, and what people generally suggest. However, there is a faster, better way to get stronger: train based on your body type.

Disclaimer: What you eat (your diet) makes up for 70% of your body training. Only 30% is the physical activity.

There are three body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. They are genetically defined, and they each require special modifications to the traditional or “trendy” healthy diet.


Think Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne. An ectomorph can eat and eat and eat… and remain slim. But while an ectomorph has a hard time gaining weight, (s)he also has a hard time gaining muscle.

To train, an ectomorph should eat protein and carbs, lift weights regularly, and keep cardio and aerobics on the downlow. Because it is harder to get “bulky” as this body type, it’s unlikely you will overdo yourself.


Think Sylvester Stallone and Selena Gomez. A mesomorph has the middle: a tendancy to gain weight as fast as losing it, prone to quick muscle-building, and weight maintenance is middle-low.

To train, a mesomorph should eat a lot of protein and little carbs and sugars (sugars as a general rule for all body types). Lift weights in moderation and cardio to the finish line. Consistency is key.


Think Kim Kardashian and Matt LeBlanc. Endomorphs gain weight fast and lose weight with difficulty. With a bigger frame, that may also mean a bigger rib cage and more muscles surrounding key bones, but it also often means a higher body fat storage.

To train, an endomorph needs to eat foods high in protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbs. A Paleo-like diet is optimal. The workout pace should also be high, with lots of cardio and moderate weight-lifting.

Though these are the three man body types, there are many bodies that may come in the middle of the three. Either way, with these tips, maintaining your body strength and weight to where you need and want it will be much easier.

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