The boys volleyball team ended preseason in victory

Isaak Ramirez
Crimson Chronicle

varsity won against Northridge Academy 3-1 and the JV team as well, with a score of 2-0. With the preseason to an end, the boys volleyball team will hope to continue their winning ways.

“There was so much anxiety before the game, but once on the court, we let the beast loose”, said Ethan Kong, junior varsity playing defense. JV had a comfortable win, and won both of their sets.

The varsity had a comfortable win against Northridge Academy winning both sets, but then the lost one, making it suspenseful for the audience. Then Hollywood came back to seal the game at 3-1, and winning the game. The last set saved relieved the pressure.

The boys will start the season playing against Roybal, and with a winning streak for the preseason, it will be hoped that they continue to good from for the rest of the season.”let’s take a dub on our future games”, said JV player, korey valentine.

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