Students nationwide walkout for gun control

Michelle Munera

Chronicle Reporter

In memory of the victims from the Parkland shooting in Florida, a nationwide school walkout was organized to take place on Wednesday March 14, 2018.

Hollywood High took part in the walkout as teachers and administrators supported the cause and did not get in the way of students standing up for what they thought was right. The walkout was scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. and last exactly 17 minutes in recognition of the 17 lives that were lost.

Students participating were also told to meet at the front of the school and stand in silence wearing all black. Many posters were held up facing Sunset Boulevard and as cars passed by. They honked, yelled and gave thumbs up in support of the peaceful demonstration. ABC News was also there to view the protest.

The walkout was intended to be a peaceful protest regarding gun control. It was a student led walkout meant to attribute and recognize the 17 victims of the school shooting in Florida. Students felt the need to speak out for school safety because it is not fair to have to attend school knowing something bad like that could easily happen at any moment.

The demonstration was also meant to get the attention of the president and the rest of the administration that they need to make a change to prevent these things from happening. Lives should not be at risk or lost for them to realize.

Many posters being held up expressed the students’ opinions. One poster read, “We stand together in silence. We stand for something! While you sit and count your money doing nothing.” Another poster also said “18th Century Laws Cannot Regulate 21st Century Weapons.”

There was an estimate of 200 or more students who participated at Hollywood, but there were many more nationwide from other schools. Some even went to stand outside City Hall in Downtown LA to voice their opinions.

“I liked that the kids were modeling after great leaders like Cesar Chavez and Gandhi… I was very proud in the professional nature in which the students organized a peaceful protest. I appreciate their advocacy to promote safe schools,” said Principal Edward Colacion. The staff at Hollywood made sure to supervise but were supportive of the students.

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