Last Day to Sign Up for your AP Exam

Jennifer Carrasco

Chronicle Reporter

If you haven’t signed up for your AP Exam, make sure to sign up on Tuesday considering it is the final day to take your exam. There will be no exceptions, if you do not sign up, you will not be able to take the AP Exam this upcoming May.

Make sure you have turned in your meal application to receive a fee waiver making you pay $5 for a test instead of $94. However, if you have not turned in your meal application you can go to the College Center and ask Ms. Pinedo for a fee waiver. If you still cannot afford the test fee, you can talk to Ms. Pinedo about the issue as well, just make sure to take your test. You will need a form provided by your AP teachers in order to purchase the exam, make sure to receive it. Do not lose it.

If you are an AP student, make sure to take the test. Even if you are not confident in passing, it looks better for college that you attempted the test. There is no point in taking an AP class if you are not willing to take the test.

Good luck on your AP Exams and make sure to study to get the best possible score.

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