International Women’s Day and the significance of the color purple

Jonathan Bernardino

Chronicle Reporter

International Women’s Day, which is on Thursday, March 8, is intended to celebrate women’s achievements whether it be social, economic, or political. This day is also a very important day to demand for gender equality and for all women to have their voices be heard.

Women began to use the color of clothing as a powerful and meaningful symbol of protest. The #MeToo and #TimesUp protests are some of the many powerful hashtags that are currently being used in order to give courage to women, where the color black was used in protest for the #MeToo marches to stand up against the abusive behavior of men, which is why purple has become the official color of International Women’s Day. The combination of purple, green and white is used to symbolize women’s equality where purple means justice and dignity while green symbolizes hope and white represents purity.

It took many years and many sacrifices in order to be respected and women have earned everything they worked to achieve. Women have fought and worked so hard in order to get to where they are today which is why they continue to prove people who doubt them wrong and as time goes on they will only continue to strive.

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