Don’t Become Prom Stressed: Be Informed

Jocelyn Solis

Chronicle Reporter

With prom just being around the corner, the stress of getting the perfect dress or outfit can be overwhelming. There’s a few things one must never do when going to shop for a dress.

Be Careful: Shopping online is already not the best option, you can be paying for $200+ dress without even knowing if it looks well on you, if its a scam, if the material is easily ripped and further more. Online shopping can be very tricky since you can’t see it physically and examine it well, so always be careful when doing your prom dress shopping online, make sure its a reliable source and if you don’t want to face these problems, just don’t do it. Play it safe.

Budgeting: Make sure to spend a reasonable price for the dress you are going to get because there is still other necessities you might want like doing your hair, make-up, nails, buying shoes and so on. If you plan to spend money on other necessities make sure to have a budget and stick to it, that way your prom look will go how you want it.

Make Appointments Not Walk-ins: Appointments are necessary you do not want to end up going late or behind schedule. Unless you’re okay with spending hours in one place, I suggest you make the appointment. Walk-ins are too time consuming.

Be Confident: If you like a dress and feel like its right for you get it. Don’t wear a dress because its on “trend” or because someone else told you to, get it because you love it. Even if you somehow end up having the same dress as someone else at least you know you owned the look.

Avoid Wearing The Same Dress: If you are terrified at the thought of wearing the same exact dress as someone follow @hwoodprom2018 to see which dresses you should avoid getting in order to not have prom nightmare. You can also anonymously submit your dress in order for other Hollywood Seniors to avoid getting the same one.

Overall wear what is best for you and make sure your prom goes as you want it. Have fun at prom and hope this helps lessen the stress that revolves around it.

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