Varsity Basketball Boys make semi-finals

Michelle Munera

Chronicle Reporter

The Hollywood Sheiks have won the title as League Champs this year, which meant they were going to Playoffs. They won their second playoff game on Wednesday Feb. 21 against Chatsworth High School with a score of 51-48 taking them to semi-finals.

Previously, their first playoff game was last week at home against Vaughn High School who they beat with a score of 68-60.It was a very fast and intense game, but the boys were able to pull through the pressure and gain the victory, meaning they were moving on to the next round.

 They played Chatsworth High School away, so the other team had a home court advantage. Luckily, the Sheiks were capable of achieving another win in the second round of Playoffs. It was another very nerve-wrecking game and the score became really close during the last quarter when both teams were tied.

“Of course I was nervous but as a senior and captain I had to keep my composure through the game and make sure to keep the team strong and together to believe that we could do it,” said basketball player Brandon Brewer #15, who made the winning free throws. He also added “We needed to stick to the game plan that coach drew up because we had studied the other team.”

The Hollywood basketball team ended up winning the game with a score of 51-48, after having to push through the last quarter to prevent themselves from losing Playoffs. With only ten seconds on the clock they were able to break the tied score. Lazaro Vera, Junior and player #13 felt that some of the things the team could have done to improve was “We should’ve made more passes to not get as many turnovers.” He as well as the rest of the teammates stayed confident throughout the process and made sure to work together.

With this victory, the Sheiks will be heading to semi-finals on Saturday Feb. 24. All of their hard work and wins has lead them to this point. Winning semi-finals would take them to Championships, which if they win would make them CIF Champions in Division 2 of 2018.

They could definitely make it that far if they keep a good mindset and continue to practice. “I feel like we have prepared all season to get this far and our team is ready to go out there and compete,” stated Lazaro confidently. This year’s basketball team has the chance to make history, and hopefully they do so.

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