Tumblr blogs that’ll bright up your week

America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

So you decide to join tumblr but don’t know where to start, in this case, of who to follow for genuine good content. Well look no further, the following recommendations pertain to different parts of the unique online community ranging from writers to that of photographers:

conceptish : this blog is among the freelance art and social trends that occur within the artsy community. Within her own art, she attempts to convey the obvious themes of insecurity alongside self reflecting issues, which is aimed at mostly teenagers who can relate to the depictions of ordinary things being the most significant to Everyday Life. Most of the anonymous artist work is done on pastel or dry erase canvases.

teamrocketing : seen as the “ruler, of the cinematic and debate category, this blog’s content is centered around said subjects that consists of recent films that have been released with a review alongside it. In this case of debate the other administrator in charge is famed with discussing important in issues that ranges from school life to working activities, in defense of the working class. Basically, anything that’s been reblogged about current events, has probably been posted from them.

bibliophile : beloved by most of the literacy living users, this blog has been a personal favorite for many reasons. They post weekly and monthly book recommendations based upon their ranks in the best sellers and have a daily poetry horoscope that comes from a certain book and leaves the user wondering from which book it’s from. And the best part of it all is that if they’re lucky, they might have the chance to obtain an insert from an upcoming novel awaiting release. Sometimes leading to occasional site crashings.

ascendingvenus : blending with photography and astrological values, these groups of photographers (also astrologists) have a heavy following throughout the site due to the certain signature angle that’s repeated constantly in their photos. While also posting horoscopes, they give a little spin to the exaggerated issue by assigning each sign with am aesthetic background that’s had followers being immediately attracted to their work. Overall, they also take their time in having Q and A’s addressing differences in casual and professional photo taking.

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