The Home Ec class you never got

Leslie Figueroa,

Chronicle Reporter

Not everybody can cook. That in of itself is a fact, but what happens when mom and dad are out for the night? Or if you just want to whip something up to impress your friends? Chances are, that, as the teenagers that we are, we won’t be able to come out of the kitchen with a 5-course meal all steamy and ready. But it isn’t unnecessarily impossible for us to cook something delicious. After all, it is always good to learn some new skills. Especially ones that are kind of standard for living by oneself. So think of this as the Home Economic class that you never got here at Hollywood High, and try one of these out for yourself!

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French Toast Kebabs

Delicious French Toast Kebabs for breakfast. Because everything tastes better on a stick! Won’t take up too much of your time, and if your running late to school you can bring them with you on your way there. Munch on it on the bus and throw away the sticks after in the trash!




Ham Eggs and Cheese bread Bowls


This is a delicious way to start your morning. The best part about it? It uses up none of your dishes, which means less work for you.  No need to in and clean your dishes. Of course, it is a bit tricker than the french toast Kebab but still yummy all the same.



Healthy roast chicken

Bet you never thought you could make roast chicken huh? It’s a great way to impress your parents. Pro tip! Stab the chicken with a fork on its leg to make sure if its cooked right. The liquid on the fork should be clear.




Prawn and chorizo risotto

Feeling a bit fancy tonight? Try to whip up some Italian food! The risotto adds a bit of spice to the mixture and it’s a great way to feed your hungry tummy after an especially long day at school.





Peanut butter banana cookies

Finally! It’s time for deserts! This is a perfect recipe to bake and then sit back and enjoy with a cup of coffee and study for that biology quiz that’s coming up. Good luck and don’t forget to eat well!

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