The Ending Of An Undefeated Soccer Season

Jocelyn Solis

Chronicle Reporter

After a long successful season for the boys Varsity soccer team who won league they drastically lost in the second round of playoffs on Wednesday Feb 21. During their match with Smith Tech High school, Varsity Boys lost 1-0 during the 20 minute overtime. They were eliminated from the playoffs once the goal was made marking 7 minutes left on the clock to make a comeback. After Smith Tech made the unfortunate goal, player Aldair Hernandez, who made two goals had them called back as a non goal because they were claiming Aldair pushed the opposing player and the second goal was not met in the net. If it were not for the loss they would still be on their journey towards the City Championship game. Most of the Varsity Team players were seniors, having 12 players left to continue the legacy.

Varsity player Andrew Herrera said “ The game was rigged, the tension was there and to think we could have gone farther, but standing at the field as the game was called to an end I felt a rush of emotions knowing it was the last time I played for the school.” Having a huge crowd during the game, parents, friends and students came together to support the players. Even though the game was lost the pride was not.

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