Ongoing winning streak for varsity soccer team


Jocelyn Solis

Chronicle Reporter

Varsity and JV soccer players are excited due to the last win they got against Mendez with a score of 0-1. Having it come to an end, they remain undefeated and marking today a special day for the Varsity team.

It has been a long journey for the team. They have kept an undefeated record throughout the whole season. It has been 10 years since the boys soccer team has won league champs and today may define whether they win that title or not, including a banner.

Today, the boys play against Roybal High at their last home game. Along with it being their last home game a special tribute to the seniors on the team will be given considering it is senior night. Winning this game is a step forward into playoffs against RFK and Belmont, both being away games.

One of the varsity players Aldair Hernandez, NMA senior said, “ I feel blessed for having the chance to play for Hollywood soccer team and nervous for what might go down but at the end of the day Im happy for what my team has achieved.”

The undefeated  Hollywood High Varsity team will continue to chase towards the top spot in the league, leading them to playoffs and finish off with a CIF City Championship win.

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