Make sure to say good-bye to assistant principal Lazo

Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

As we all know our school has seen many faces leave and with that new faces appear around campus. Assistant Principal, Henry Lazo will now be a part of the list as has his last day on Feb. 20. For a temporary time he was involved in a family and medical leave act (FMLA), as he had to deal with family health issues. Unfortunately, things are not going great and so it led to his tough decision.

In his letter to the faculty he wrote, “I also wish to inform you, that after much thinking, soul searching, and prayer, I have decided that I will be retiring as of February 20, 2018.” Although he did not spend much time in Hollywood his contribution to this school was a success. He would always look for the best interest in the students and it will not be forgotten. He encouraged students to do the right thing such as getting to class on time.

He worked for the District for 30 years and he said, “this was a tough but necessary decision.” As he is now retiring, he will now pursue being a Senior Pastor much like his father-in-law was. Unfortunately the spot has been open for a while because his father-in-law passed away and Lazo hopes to fill in the position. He had been filling in as interim Senior Pastor and he now hopes to get the full-time position.

Lazo’s contribution to this school as been greatly appreciated and we hope he finds better days and also a successful time serving as a Senior Pastor.

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