Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Show Garners Mixed Reviews

Aniello Angrisano

Chronicle Reporter

While it may have been the underdog Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 win over the New England Patriots that had the top headline from the Super Bowl the halftime show is also garnering a great deal of notice. Justin Timberblake’s third halftime performance didn’t cause as much controversy as his last performance in 2004 but it is getting a lot of mixed views.

JT performance mixed elements of his new music while also showcasing the classics that made him famous. Opening up with his song “Filthy” from his new album Man of the Woods Timberlake then came out to the Minneapolis field to perform “Rock Your Body”, “Cry Me A River”, “SexyBack”, “Señorita”, and “Mirrors”.

After the pop singer jammed out to “Suit & Tie” in a visually appealing showing of lights and also by bringing out the University of Minnesota’s marching band to help him perform the song.

Next came the most notable moment of the show which was a tribute to Minneapolis’ own and legend, Prince. Timberlake performed alongside Prince, featured on a giant projector, classic songs like “I Would Die For You” and “Until the End of Time” while the surrounding stadium and downtown Minneapolis was lit up purple for the singer. Timberlake would then end the show with his song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” walking into the stands and taking an infamous selfie with a kid who seemed very confused about what was going on.

While many people were divided with JT’s concert during halftime there we some problems with the show. At the start of the show Timberblake’s mic wasn’t working properly starting it off on the wrong foot. But for many people the performance lacked that typical magic and engaging material for the viewers that many past performers brought to the show. It also seemed like the show was underwhelming and many were disappointed that Timberlake didn’t bring anyone out to costar in the performance like an *NSYNC reunion or Janet Jackson.

Although it was the Prince tribute that had the most controversy of the night. Many Prince fans were displeased with the performance going back to a feud Prince and JT had over a decade ago, and also saying that it wasn’t a proper showing of the late legend by having JT perform along him.

Despite this there were many fans of the performance. “Two words. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Wow that was unreal. LEGEND,” said Nick Jonas via Twitter. While R&B icon Diana Ross also shared her appreciation of the show saying that she really enjoyed it on Twitter.

“I felt that it was very astonishing and a good combination of happiness and that it was also great that he did play a tribute to Prince during the show,” said senior Jesus Reyes.

However criticized or praised this show may have been it will be interesting to see who the NFL picks for next year’s halftime show in Atlanta.

Timberlake performed some classics, including "Cry Me A River," and "Mirrors," along with newer songs like "Can't Stop The Feeling" and "Filthy," which is off his newly released "Man of the Woods" album.

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