Get ready for a possible Block Schedule

Jonathan Bernardino

Chronicle Reporter

As the second semester continues, we learn about the future plans our new principal, Edward Colacion, has in mind for Hollywood High School.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was his statement about changing the regular school schedule into a block schedule. Even though the block schedule may sound very unfamiliar, it could very well bring many benefits to both students and teachers. 

Teachers would be able to use different or more creative techniques to better teach the class when the class periods are longer. More content could be covered with fewer interruptions and because of this, students can receive more support from teachers on a one-on-one conversation. Having to see many students every day may be difficult for teachers and cause them to spend less time and give less attention towards each and every one of the students throughout the day. Teachers would also be able to give students more in-depth assignments that would not be able to be completed in the 50 minutes we normally have. Due to each period being so limited on a regular schedule, the relationship between a student and a teacher may not be as strong, and students who really need the help may not get the attention and support they need in order to pass the class and students are not willing to ask for help because they do not feel comfortable or confident enough to ask for help.

Teachers need to prepare for 6 periods each day with each class full of students. They also may be forced to rush with the grading of assignments, which causes them to provide less advice or feedback to each student’s work, or rush and not think thoroughly when planning and organizing lessons. Students also need to study for more classes, which can be very overwhelming. Taking in large amounts of information for 6 classes every day may be very stressful and impact the learning of students.



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  1. This article was very informative I am so glad Im a senior and I dont have to go through this next year.Great writing as always Jonathan!

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