Car Seat Headrest Free Concert at Amoeba Music

Jared Cabrera

Chronicle Reporter

Will Toledo and crew will be playing a free show on Feb 14 at Amoeba music on Hollywood. They will promote their latest Release “Twin Fantasy”. The new album will be on sale on Feb 16 but exclusively for the performance it will be on sale 2 days before the initial release date. There will be a meeting and signing after the concert with the band to get your albums signed. Car Seat Headrest has been getting massive critical acclaim since their last incredible album “Teens of Denial”. Many people will come to this show so be sure to come in an hour early before 6pm to get in.

The new album “Twin Fantasy” is a reboot of their classic album of the same name released in 2011. Car Seat Headrest has gained a huge cult following with their old album but many fans are very surprised and excited to see that Will Toledo has re recorded  the complete album.“It was never a finished work” Toledo says, but finally the album is completed and for fans to fully enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Car Seat Headrest Free Concert at Amoeba Music

  1. super excited for the new album, i’m kind of across the world from amoeba but I hope whoever goes has a great time!

  2. with the four singles released, it’s already guaranteed to be the best album of 2018

  3. The singles from the new album are really excellent. Can’t wait to see them at Amoeba!

  4. Car seat headrest is so good I can’t wait wish I could go to the concert but I live across the country

  5. So stoked for the album and even more stoked about the performance. Love a good Car Seat Headrest album!

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