5 Tips to Help You Present for Senior Project

Jennifer Carrasco

Chronicle Reporter


With about a little over a week left, Seniors will have to present their highly anticipated project. With all their hard work they have put in since last semester; the project they have been working all year on will be over. Presenting your final outcome of all your research will be nerve wracking, so here are a few tips to help with your presentation.

  1. Take a breath and calm down: You have been working on your project and research for quite a while now. You know your topic very well, you’ll be fine.
  2. Make eye contact to at least three points: Select three points in the room to look at while you present. It makes it seem like your talking to the judges instead of just looking at one person.
  3. Time yourself: You have a time limit to present all your information, so time yourself to make sure you either have enough to say or do not run out of time.
  4. Practice presenting: This one is a no brainer, but practice whenever you can. Even if it is just talking to yourself in a mirror or presenting to your family, make sure to do it often.
  5. Record yourself presenting: Often we don’t notice when we stutter or say “um” or even use “like” way too much. It is better to be aware that you do that, than going into a presentation doing those mistakes.

Just remember you’ve presented before and got through it, believe that you can do it.

4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Help You Present for Senior Project

  1. the making eye contact point is actually really helpful.ill usually just look at the judges .this is something everyone should know

  2. I really like the part about recording yourself when presenting, I never thought of doing that. It makes sense to do so and its a new tip that I didn know about.

  3. Thank you for these tips. I feel more comfortable to present not just in my project but in others as well. Very helpful!

  4. Timing yourself is very helpful because I wouldn’t want to not have enough time for my presentation.

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