What to expect from Trump’s State of the Union


On Jan.30, at 6 p.m, Donald J. Trump will hold the State of the Union at Congress and address many issues including the national budget, diplomatic issues, and of course, all of the controversy during the president’s first year in office. Many politicians hope that Trump addresses the Immigration issue, that for the first time in history, has become a growing topic, and the DACA people affected by it. In view of the recent nuclear threats from North Korea, the Republican leader will highlight a national security policy of “peace through strength,” the White House official said to CNN. He also plans to use the opportunity to reveal details of his long-awaited infrastructure plan.

What makes this State of the Union important to the students of Hollywood High, is the issue of Immigration and all the student’s family members affected by it. Besides immigration, border security, infrastructure and tax changes, voters may want the president to outline some sort of plan for health care. And while there is great interest in recent reports of that special counsel Robert Mueller be fired last year, it’s hard to imagine the president would use the State of the Union to address such a legally fraught subject or talk about the Russia investigation at all.

Be sure to watch the State of the Union, as all major networks and cable news channels will broadcast the speech live.

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