Track in need of members

Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

As the Spring sports continue, track and field will hope for a successful season. As former Coach Adolfo Carcano has departed from the school, Coach Kenny Valencia will lead his team as the official head coach. After coaching in cross country, he now turns his attention to track and field where he can hopefully reign in just as much success.

Valencia said he hopes to create a team of hard-working boys and girls who will commit and rise to the occasion. At the moment, the team has been practicing every day after school because season is right around the corner. Unfortunately, at the moment they are a bit low on competitors.

There were a few seniors who departed, so that is a reason for there being low amount of players. The returning team mates have been putting in more work every day so that they could become even better, but they will need a couple more people to get the success they so desperately look for. Will you be the difference?



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