Naviance program is introduced to Hollywood

Michelle Munera

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The new college counselor Alyssa Pinedo has introduced a new program called Naviance to the school. Each student has an account through schoology and can access it at any time. It helps her stay in contact with the students and see which colleges the students choose to be interested in. She has been going around English classes demonstrating to the students how Naviance works and what it can do.


Personally, I think that this makes the search for colleges easier and is like a portal to all the possible colleges. Based on your PSAT scores, income,interests, and locations, Naviance shows you what colleges seem to be a good fit for you. There are assessments you can take that will match you to colleges that seem to be related to your interests. You can search any college of your interest and look into it to get a feeling of what it is like. It provided information like acceptance rates, financial aid, average SAT scores, ethnicity populations, and the majors offered.


This website seems to be a helpful resource, and as a junior I think it is super beneficial and students should take advantage and make good use of it. Ms. Pinedo mentioned that based off of the majority of colleges that the students choose to be interested in, she will have those colleges come and visit and will notify students on schoology of the upcoming college visits. I think bringing Naviance to the school was a very good idea and hopefully it helps most students and makes the process of college applications easier for next year.

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