Ditch Your New Years Resolution Today

Jonathan Bernardino

Chronicle Reporter


Resolutions are another way to say goals. Setting goals, planning and completing them are an important part of life in order to succeed.

It has only been 17 days and you’re already tired of being committed to your new resolution that you’re supposed to follow all year. Today on Wednesday, January 17 you are allowed to ditch that commitment!

The New Year is a great opportunity to perfect the work you’re doing whether you’re struggling or not, refocus your attention from distractions, and set out on a new path to follow. However, any change from your daily lifestyle takes time and effort to reach and achieve.

Only 9% of people actually go through with the goal they set for themselves and 91% just give up either in the beginning of the year or eventually as the year goes on. People set long-term goals and if you’re tired of it already but still want to continue in order to accomplish that goal then today is the day to take a break from it and use it as an excuse. Instead of choosing on a huge goal or result, simply look for ways to be one percent better every single day.

Ditch those resolutions, relax and stop feeling guilty about wanting to break them. Whatever your reason to break them is, you can do it without feeling guilty on Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.


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