Prepare to say farewell to the Principal

Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

As the first semester comes to a close, not only will we be stressing out over finals and leaving this semester behind, but we will also be saying good-bye to our principal, Mrs. Sanchez. She had the privilege of working here for several years but now she must move on. She has been promoted to become the new Staff Relations Field Director for Local District West. She announced her departure from Hollywood High on Aug. 18.

Knowing she had only about four months left as principal, she did her best to make it memorable for the students and teachers. Although there can be various opinions towards her and her decisions, she still tried to make our school stand out from others by making decisions that she thought were good for us.

Her presence around the school was extremely active because at any given moment during school hours someone could easily bump into her because she was always walking around observing what students were doing.

Her final day as principal will be on Dec. 15 and any kind of farewell could mean a lot to her. So be sure to do that as a sign of respect for what she has done for the school.

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