NMA Juniors Present to Professional Animators

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Jocelyn Solis

Today marks a significant day for NMA history, as juniors finalize their project and present at Columbia College Hollywood. When becoming a junior in NMA, students are assigned a team and topic that will be graded and counted for three classes that are English, History and Digital Computers. They spend a whole semester creating an animation and gathering evidence to pitch their argument. The judges were not only Hollywood High School teachers but professional animators as well.

NMA teachers teach their students to always find solutions to obstacles they face. For Example, due to the recent fires in Ventura City, the juniors were unable to present at  Colombia College and were told their presentation will be held at school during periods two, three and four. It was a sudden change, but the students were able to adjust.

It is definitely a day that will be memorable for the juniors, considering the problems they did not expect. But congratulations to all NMA juniors that finally reached one of their biggest milestones.

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