Make a home run at softball tryouts

Michelle Munera

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood’s softball tryouts begin today, Dec 6th and will go on until tomorrow Dec. 7th. Make sure to come out and be ready to show off your skills. There will be many other girls trying out for the team as well, so it is important to show a lot of effort because hard work is a very big part of playing on a team.

Be prepared and take clothes to practice in, softball cleats, a glove, and batting gloves. Try your best and show that you should be on the team.

Softball season begins next semester in March and will include home and away games for both JV and Varsity. During season there are usually two games each week unless they get cancelled. Expect to save time for after school practices once you are on the team.

The girls who make the team will start preparing and practicing shortly after tryouts. Results for tryouts will be posted sometime next week and anyone is encouraged to try out. Good luck to those trying out!

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