Cheerleading is more than a sport, its an attitude!

Leslie Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

When attending a football game have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the people dancing and cheering on the players? These are our magnificent cheerleaders and they have been working hard this semester. Rapping up football season and heading on to basketball, cheer is really a sport that does it all.

Image: hwood_cheer on Instagram

While there was a competitionon scheduled during December, it got canceled and this is what, “So what actually happened is we have a league that is going on. So we have a league that is starting up on February. So it’s actually becoming a sport and were trying to figure out how everything is going to play out and what we need,” said Coach Miguel. All in all, their schedules seem to be packed as according to the coach in January they will be focusing completely on basketball season. Leaving February for leagues where they will be competing against schools like Bernstein and Marshall.

On the Hollywood High School website cheer has this written there,” You can’t have Sheik Pride without a squad of spirited cheerleaders… “Explosive?” Doesn’t even begin to describe this group.” Cheer seems to be all about teamwork and it seems like it would be as generally the stunts they do require them to all be working together.

When asked about what a typical training regime for them was all about one cheerleader said, “We basically start off by running on the field. Coach tells us to run many laps, and then we start stretching. From then we either stunt or we go over like basic routines,” said Chelsea Cortez, SAS Senior. They work hard and deserve our support. Keep at it Cheer, and good luck at the competition in February.

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