Tumblr blogs that’ll satisfy your creative mind

America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

Has it ever occurred to you, when a certain idea for an essay or freestyle writing, is good enough? Even if you’re not into writing or are trying to get into it, consider these blogs that could get your brain being more novelistic :

✒ Pulsing-ink
This lovely blog posts weekly haikus, (also known as a Japanese term for poems), slam poetry and cinquains. Its main lyrical themes revolve around youthful perspectives and reflective thoughts on current issues found in today’s society. Should be recommended to anyone who’s in the mood to get insightful.

Unlike most “aesthetic blogs”, Writing Wrongs takes free verse poetry to a whole new level of what some online writers may consider, “spilled ink.” In fact, they’ve created genres such as prompt-rewording where a few sentences posted by previous individuals on chat dashboards are continued with a different tone and topic. Most of their work consists of first-person narratives that instead of sentences use phrases that can be heard in any casual conversation, however, they provide emphasis on how that person truly feels behind those short responses.

A personal favorite, under the aliases of Music and Kitten, the admins of this blog are amongst the most recommended writers in the tumblr community, the rarest to be exact. However, the blog creates most of their works through ask requests either anonymous or not that simply allow the submitters to vent. Through each vent, a quote seen as very enlightening is used in their poems where themes such as coming of age, emotional trauma or reflections come together to become what we see as the people who are around us. A bonus to them is that the duo occasionally posts daily horoscopes, instead each signs daily issue is in the form of an acrostic, limerick or any form of poetry.

Overall, these blogs are deemed quite enlightening in a way since there are certain things actions can’t describe.

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