Students undergo stress as the semester ends

Michelle Munera

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

With the semester coming to an end, there are even more assignments due and more tests scheduled. Most people (like myself) are just waiting for Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break to come. Already looking forward to celebrating the holidays, students are losing motivation as more school work keeps piling up.

Everyone wants to end the semester on a good note with good grades but the added stress just makes it more difficult. Teachers seem to be trying to cram more lessons and giving more tests to go into our grades. Perhaps it’s because they need to keep up with what the order the curriculum requires. But this ultimately just makes it more harder on the students, especially because it is rushed. Teachers also feel the pressure of keeping up with grading assignments and turning in grades on time.

School work is normally a challenge to keep up with throughout the semester, but it especially becomes more intense towards the end. All the extra lessons and quizzes just add more to our study list when preparing for our final exams. The fact that we learn some things last minute also makes them harder to stick. There are six classes we need to worry about and keep up with all at the same time. Although not all six classes give a final and the difficulty level is not the same for each one, we are still expected to be able to balance whatever work is assigned to us.

As a junior, each year that Finals Week comes around, it only seems to get more difficult to handle. Especially when having college in mind, the pressure of trying to impress colleges and reaching the standards they expect is what worries most students.

We also have a life outside of school, and some of us are involved in extracurricular activities or sports after school. We may not have all the time in the world when we get home to get our homework and studying done. Being teenagers, we have a lot of other things to learn and worry about as we get older.

As the curriculum just gets more tough each year, so will the tests and finals at the end of the semesters. Each year will not become easier even if you have become accustomed to feeling the pressure. But it is how students work under this pressure and stress that determines how good of a student they are.

To help take off some stress, it is helpful to prioritize time and stay focused while doing homework. Everyone can develop their own form of working and studying skills that may help them stay concentrated and will result in a good performance on the tests. It is definitely something that is possible to accomplish, and everyone is capable of doing so.


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