Spoopy season has ended, now on to the festivities

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America Flores-Hernandez


As Halloween goes to a close, you might catch yourself wondering, what now? Obviously Christmas will soon be coming around the corner however, if you think about it, this month is focused entirely on being thankful for what we have. Whether it be something or someone we hold near and dear, you should start considering what gifts you’d want to give.

Have no fear, instead of buying something try making a gift of your own. It doesn’t matter how “perfect” it has to be, what truly matters is that it comes from the holiday spirit. There are just about tons of creative ways to make your family or friends feel special this holiday season:

🎁 Cards – the timeless classic gift, on the contrary of buying a holiday-themed card, take the time to make one based upon the person’s favorite color or interests. Such as black and white in gratitude of a friend that loves vintage with a mix of old school vibes that’ll sure deepen any friendship or relationship.

🎁Handmade headphone case – Not necessarily a hard task once it’s carried out, it can be made of an empty mint box, can be circular or squared. To add a little finishing touch on it, perhaps cover it up by painting the outside of the case or using washi tape to add a few decorations.

🎁 Jar of compliments – Sounds pretty simple and it is, just take an empty jar out (it should be already cleaned and dry, not to mention it shouldn’t have residue from what was previously contained inside), grab some pieces of paper, and write down certain things you feel are unique to the gift’s receiver on those pieces of paper.

Even though these ideas are just a few, there’s always more to find on Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Tumblr and other social media sites with DIY blogs that’ll help craft that perfect present. In the meantime, stay in that merry mood and DIY away with these recommendations that could help out with your gift search.

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