Hollywood will be serving the two masters

Novalee Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Once again the schools Performing Arts Magnet is putting on another play. Only this time the cast won’t be filled with zombies, this time the play takes place in the late 1700’s influenced with Italian culture. The school will be performing The Servant of Two Masters, which is more of a classic play compared to the last show that was put on. This play has quite the standards to uphold, all the plays that the school’s Performing Arts Magnet has ever put on has never disappointed so this time should not be different.

Some students have already seen a quick scene of the play when the King of Nigeria visited the school a few weeks back. The play was a real crowd-pleaser, students were laughing and looked interested in what was going on. The first showing of the play is November 30 and the last showing is December 3, students and family should come out and show support towards the schools Performing Arts Magnet

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