Why we all know Gun Control is needed but why it won’t happen

Leslie Figueroa

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

On October 1st, A mass shooting took place in Las Vegas killing 59 people and injuring 500.  Many have taken this news to hearts and as journalists have written about Gun control and the need to tighten its regulation is distribution. Does it sound familiar? That’s because where catastrophes like this happen the keyboard start typing and the paper starts printing. Something similar has always happened after every gun violence incident, always hoping to cause change. Nevertheless we have to take into consideration that perhaps this isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. The NRA, and the Gerrymandering, are just two obstacles to overcome.

  To start off the NRA is a huge an influential group deeply rooted in the U.S governme. So much so that it has widely gained the reputation of being able to make it break any politician. Guess what their stance is on gun control? They heavily object to any proposal that would even remotely regulate gun violence. It’s so bad in fact the former congressman once told the New York Times, “That was the one group where I said, ‘As long as I’m in office, I’m not bucking the NRA.'” This obviously has deep implications that whatever NRA wants, NRA gets. And they so happen to not want gun regulations.

  Then there is the problem of gerrymandering. In definition the word means to “manipulate the boundaries of an electoral constituencies as to favor one party or class.” In short any attempts to pass firearm regulation laws have been shot down before they even began. This obviously has serious implications especially when you consider that if it suits someone’s needs then this form of manipulation can have some serious consequences.

  In short while gun control is something we desperately need In this country which is made evident by the time and time again violence it isn’t something that’s going to happen. A bit pessimistic maybe, but certainly realistic. While scary in their own right keep in mind that the NRA and gerrymandering is only two conditions that are preventing gun control. It’s a much deeper hole of contradictions then it seems.

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