Treat yourself to a safe Halloween

Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

Halloween is today,  yes today. Although some don’t celebrate this holiday due to religious reasons it is still a very fun holiday to be apart of. Dressing up makes everything extremely fun because you get to be someone that you are not in disguise. Dressing up means you are guaranteed to some free and delicious candy. Trick-o-treating is the key to most peoples night on Halloween because you get to roam around the neighborhood and possibly other places and that makes the trick-o-treating very special.

Trick-o-treating is something that can get carried away by some and that is why there are certain precautions that everyone should take while being involved in this great and entertaining holiday.

  • Watch both sides of the street while crossing
  • Go trick-o-treating in a group because it is much safer than being alone
  • Don’t stay out to late because parents can get concerned and many things can happen when it is late at night
  • Always make sure the candy that you’re about to eat is in good condition because you don;t want any unhealthy candy in your body
  • Make sure that you’re costume is visible at night for safety hazards

Remember trick-o-treating isn’t a necessity because there are several other things you can do to have a safe Halloween such as just staying home and watching scary movies with the family. So go ahead and treat yourself to a safe and nice Halloween.




















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