Sudan the last of his kind

Leslie Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

Unfortunately, animal extinction has come to be something of ordinarity. We don’t exactly know how many animals go extinct every year but it could be around 100,00. To put that into perspective that is about 1 every 5 minutes. Animals ranging from the polar bear to chimpanzees to the adorable giant panda is expected to go extinct within the next 15 – 40 years. This is very heartbreaking seeing as how these animals, in particular, are ones we grew up within the zoo and on the pages of our coloring books.

     What is it like to look upon the last of something? It’s mind-boggling to think that an animal as magnificent as the northern white rhinos could ever be in danger of becoming fictional, a thing of the past. You are seeing this unfold. Sudan is a captive Northern white Rhinoceros who lives at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya. If he is not able to successfully mate soon with one of the last two female white rhinos at the conservancy then there will be no more of their kind, regardless of gender anywhere on earth.

To further the problem it doesn’t seem like Sudan has a good chance at reproduction. He is getting old currently at 44 years of age and all of his previous breeding efforts have failed. Apart from these three animals at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, only two other northern white rhinos exist, unfortunately, both females and in zoos.

    Sudan is a precious thing, the last male of his kind. His horn was cut off to deter poachers who kill rhinos and sell their horns. It’s sad to think that a beast as magnificent as him, has been dragged through the dirt and now carries a sad exterior about him. In all of his pictures, he carries his head down with age, small black eyes downcasted. If you want to help visit the link below and help make a rhino!

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