Stay alert for upcoming Netflix releases

Jasmine Cortez

Chronicle Reporter

October could be considered the time for season premieres, continuations, and releases. Netflix plans to do just that as they update their queue and allow the people to watch more movies and shows this October. Some of the Netflix originals are being brought back for another season and many more top picks of the public are being added to Netflix.

Finding out what will be be added to Netflix came from a website called Digital Trends. These were what will be added to Netflix:

  1. Slasher: Guilty Party
  2. 1922
  3. Haters Back Off (Season 2)
  4. The Smurfs: The Lost Village
  5. The Day I Met El Chapo
  6. Meet the Robertson
  7. The Mist (Season 1)
  8. The Hateful Eight
  9. Strange Weather
  10. Stranger Things 2
  11. Raw
  12. The Babysitter
  13. The Fosters

Netflix addicts can rejoice and find their latest binge worthy show or watch a movie in repeat.

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