Pacific standard time is here, and no its not about time.

Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle Reporter

Once in a lifetime opportunities don’t appear very often. Especially if you have to wait a couple of years to have it come to your city. Pacific Standard time is finally here. No, it does not mean the actual time.

What it means is that over 50 museums’ will enhold Latin American Art from September 2017 through January 2018. It will vary from modern and contemporary art to that of the ancient world and pre-modern era. The museums will consist of a collaboration effect between art and activism.

Thanks to The Getty, the project known as “Beyond Borders” will shed light onto the injustice against Chicano culture while simultaneously honoring Latino roots. The event will be held throughout museums in the LA County with the sole purpose of raising political awareness for causes that demand change.

The exhibitions will consist of thought provoking photographs, murals, and video art revolving around the concept of the Latin community.   So why not take advantage for the time it is here and check it out. 

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