Help spread awareness

Yadira Romero

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Do you like spreading awareness and being active? Well this weekend the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is holding an event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This major event will hold activities such as Zumba, yoga, soul-cycling and much more. This event is open to everyone of all ages that want to support this empowering movement. All given funds will be distributed to other organizations that will help decrease the percentages of cancer that can occur in every few female individuals. This event also provides an overall fun atmosphere that can appeal to everyone and be a productive Saturday for all.

How do you sign the up? To sign up go to and follow the instructions given on the website.

If you aren’t able to attend this event this weekend and want to contribute in spreading awareness for breast cancer, there are other events you can attend such as the Breast Cancer Awareness (H.E.R.) Family Day that is taking place on Oct. 28 at the MLK Outpatient Center. It’s a health fair from 9 am-1 pm that will provide medical services such as, breast screenings, blood pressure checks, kidney screenings and much more.


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