October 15, 2019

Get Ready for the Frightful new Frappuccino

Posted on October 15, 2017 by in Features

Gina Babayan

Chronicle Reporter

Starbucks is getting in the Halloween spirit this October with a new drink for a limited time.

After news came of the limited Unicorn Frappuccino, people went wild for the drink for its color, taste, and tumblr look. So Starbucks thought of another drink to hype everyone up once more. Unlike the vampire frappuccinos of 2015, rumor has it that they are adding a new drink called the Zombie Frappuccino. The drink will be cream-based, and will contain green caramel, apple powder and pink powder. The whipped cream will be pink, and the whole thing will be finished off with a pink drizzle.The drink would be sold from October 28 until October 31. The frappuccino would be drop dead and fit perfectly for a Halloween theme and all the aesthetically pleasing pictures.


P.S If you miss the Unicorn Frappuccino, then do not fear because Starbucks turned it into a permanent drink on a secret menu! Yes, a secret menu, if you download the Starbucks app on your phone, they will give you a list of many other fangtastic drinks that are kept hidden.

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