Don’t Kiss Summer Activities Goodbye Just Yet

Jennifer Leon

Chronicle Reporter 

With the hot weather, and summer sun behind us, it can be difficult to find outdoor activites that provide the same enthusiam. However, Pacific Park responses well to these concerns by offering a outdoor movie screening every Friday for the remaining month of October. This Friday, the Santa Monica Pier will host  the outdoor movie fix with the beloved fairytale, “Beauty and the Beast.” The event will begin at 6:00pm with live music, followed by the movie screening at 7:00pm.


This “Front Porch Cinema” creates a family and dog-friendly environment with appropriate films for any age and welcoming to everyone who wished to join. Enjoy the ocean breeze with listening to music, and your favorite recently released flicks. All that is required from participants si their own lawn chair and a good spirit. The best part of this whole experience is that it is absolutely free! If you wish to arrive early for the “Cinema Lounge” you can take your experience to a whole other level. This lounge not only allows you to relax while the movie commences but it pairs movie-themed drinks and food vendors with each film!


In order to join this event, one must RSVP on Facebook as a means to be ensured for a spot. If you feel that  “Beauty and the Beast” is not a film that interest you, do not worry the next and final screening will be held October 27 ending with “Rogue Elements” by Techno Gravity. This film about extreme sports and the obstacles encountered when faced with bizarre climates, will have a duration from 6pm to 10pm. In addition to viewing a bonus film, this activity will have tons of prizes such as trips to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Crested Butte, Colorado and Ski City (Salt Lake City, UT). Each prize includes a $500 REI gift card to gear up for the winter season. Take some time off of work to enjoy a little motion pictures and family time with this limited opportunity!


RSVP for “Beauty and the Beast” :

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