The Red Cross “sucks” students dry

On October 24, The American Red Cross hosted a blood drive on the school grounds, to be more specific the big gym. Leadership was heavily involved in the blood drive, helping out students with their appointments and handing out free water, with snacks. The Process however, was nerve-racking for some.

The blood drive started check in and nurses making the students read information on what the blood drive was about and where the blood was going to. Also provided, what is the information of sexually transmitted disease, and information of diseases outside the country. Students were escorted onto a waiting lobby, for their name to be called out and proceed with this survey that included the nurses. This survey consisted of friendly nurses would check the students blood pressure,weight, and if they were eligible to donate blood. After that students would be escorted out to stretchers and the actual “bloodsucking” would begin. The nurses would inject a needle and draw our blood for half an hour while the student would lay down and use their cell phone to pass time. After the half hour the nurses would remove the needle and place pressure on the wound. Furthermore, you were allowed to stay as much time needed to gain your strength back. The nurses were very nice and supporting, to my surprise they would even crack some jokes. It was Shirley and important experience one should take in their lifetime.

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